With only 3 days to the elaunch, along with the final Crystal Shade: Angeni story blog, I have listed the online sites that will be carrying
Crystal Shade: Angeni for ebook download.

Orlanda & Istvan would like to thank all out friends and fans for your continued support during and after the pre-launch fun. 

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…is not just a fading belief or ancient legend only she and a few others believe, but the name of the unavoidable end times.


The shard’s polished surface mirrored the tired face of the old man who watched the device with endless respect. His eyes focused on the shadow of the sundial, which slowly crept around the crystal shard. The shadow didn’t come from the sun, which slept beyond the horizon as night stood silent sentry outside. It came from the shard itself. Even now, some of the orbs within the crystal’s untouchable dark shadow slowly changed color. 

As the Crystal Shade approaches, it will unleash demon hordes
on her peaceful world in a war to determine
which side will guide humans.

The first volume of Crystal Shade, Angeni will be available
November 11, 2011
Volume 2 will be available in 2012. 

Comments and suggestions are always welcome from our
friends, fans
and those who are soon to be.
As well as all those curious souls
who see life
just a little different from most.

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Created by Istvan Szabo, Ifj
Co-written by Istvan Szabo, Ifj & Orlanda Szabo
Edited by Orlanda Szabo 

Orlanda Szabo


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