Failing to plan is planning to fail.

No, I’m not talking about your next tailgate party, college entry choices, checking out your next ride,
or even hunting for the true meaning of human existence.

This is life.

Or rather the life of an idea. Just that tiny seed that is to grow into a movie, a book, a song,
and though some would not agree, a blog.

It all comes down to what we do with our ideas.
What makes the difference between a living breathing, heart thumping chart topper, the sweet heart melting ballad,
the raunchy boot-stomping tune?


With movies it is a set vision. Books have always been about depth. Even Richard Scarry books.

The driving force of all three has historically been opinion from readers to distributors, to producers, to critics.
In our high tech era, this quite often comes from blogs. Individual opinions.

Many leap ahead of their predecessors, refusing to be trapped within boundaries.
We love to get the hot new indie movies. We drool over the seemingly new abundance of web series.
And hunt out the singers and bands that belt out a different tune far from the safe commercialized ideal.

We delight in the hidden self-published gems of authors whose only dive from fame was that their genre
was out of fashion with the industry, but not out of fashion with fans craving something new.

The ‘surprise’ hit has always been just that.
Away from the norm, which is then chased until the next brave publisher, promoter or producer takes a chance.

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