Have you ever wondered what it would be like co-writing movie & TV scripts around the world using technology? If so, join Canadian screenwriter Orlanda Szabo and myself for my new show, Star Xpose TV, going live soon …


I have had a few co-writing partners for different types of writing projects.
I am always amazed at the challenges this presents.
On the one hand, you could have a co-writer who must control everything
and yet bring out your best.

Or my favorite, my current a co-writer Kaz Drysdale out of Australia. She is not only willing to challenge my mind, but comes and explores with me.

About partnership agreements:
You and your writing partner will be assumed to be 50/50 regardless of the agreement you have written up.
For screenwriters, this should be the ideal. It ensures a true team effort,
it promotes equal and mutual respect between co-writers.

The same is at stake for both, the rewards equal.

First though, be sure you wish to be discovered as a co-writer.
Because the industry will forever see the two of you only as screenwriting partners.

There is no going it alone later without starting from scratch again.

Your agreement is the place to put in writing who does what.
And yes, that includes copyright, marketing, consultants
and both using their networks to see your script optioned, sold, produced,
marketed again and ultimately shown.

Don’t forget to discuss what will happen to the rights if one or both should perish.

Speaking of marketing, make sure you both agree on how you wish to promote your script
or you are going to have a hard splitting of the ways further along,
with no hope of your hard work ever being seen or possibly even being completed.
That is a lot of wasted time and talent that could have been avoided.

Do yourselves a huge favour.
On every step of the process from outline to final draft, set deadlines for yourselves.
It will help keep you both on track.


Failing to plan is planning to fail.

No, I’m not talking about your next tailgate party, college entry choices, checking out your next ride,
or even hunting for the true meaning of human existence.

This is life.

Or rather the life of an idea. Just that tiny seed that is to grow into a movie, a book, a song,
and though some would not agree, a blog.

It all comes down to what we do with our ideas.
What makes the difference between a living breathing, heart thumping chart topper, the sweet heart melting ballad,
the raunchy boot-stomping tune?


With movies it is a set vision. Books have always been about depth. Even Richard Scarry books.

The driving force of all three has historically been opinion from readers to distributors, to producers, to critics.
In our high tech era, this quite often comes from blogs. Individual opinions.

Many leap ahead of their predecessors, refusing to be trapped within boundaries.
We love to get the hot new indie movies. We drool over the seemingly new abundance of web series.
And hunt out the singers and bands that belt out a different tune far from the safe commercialized ideal.

We delight in the hidden self-published gems of authors whose only dive from fame was that their genre
was out of fashion with the industry, but not out of fashion with fans craving something new.

The ‘surprise’ hit has always been just that.
Away from the norm, which is then chased until the next brave publisher, promoter or producer takes a chance.

SELO wins 1st place!

Selo wins First Place in Dan Poynter’s 2012 Global Ebook Award for youth literature.


This is one of the books I have proudly adapted to screenplay. A Quicksilver vs Karate Kid coming of age.
~ Orlanda Szabo, Screenwriter ~

Thanks, Orlanda, for your input and encouragement. Let’s see that screenplay go places.
~ Doug Setter ~



By Doug Setter ~ 2nd Wind Body Science

Paperback, 195 Pages

Les Kingsley is sixteen, skinny and scared. He spends his days dodging bullies at school, work and home. When he befriends a hospital patient, he is guided into new found strength, confidence wealth that he never knew before. But his mentor is wanted on both sides of the law. Soon, Les has to make hard choices about right, wrong and loyalty.
~ Doug Setter, Author ~

“Brings back what it was like growing up and dealing with bullies in the 70’s. Great story. I look forward to the sequel.”
William Bell, Ex Vice Squad, Winnipeg PD ~

Doug was born with a club foot and hobbled around until corrective shoes fixed the condition.  He had pneumonia three times before the age of six and spent most of adolesence underweight.  Raised by a single mother in Surrey, B.C., Doug took his share of bullying throughout his teenage years.  Through study and training, he was able to increase his body weight from 120 to 150 pounds, become a military paratrooper, run full marathons and compete in kick-boxing.  At 39 he went to the University of Manitoba to earn his Bachelor of Foods and Nutrition.  At age 40, he won a welter weight title belt in kick-boxing. Doug is the author of Stomach Flattening, Reduce Your Alcohol Craving and One Less Victim.  Selo is his first work of fiction.





What a thrill!

What action!

After 8 long years of preparation, the Mars rover has landed! But it’s not alone.

Most of you know of Crystal Shade: Angeni, the epic fantasy book Istvan Szabo and I co-wrote. Well our guardian angel’s name, Angeni has landed on Mars with the Rover.

Her previous experience has been in travelling with the last two space shuttles to the space station before the shuttles were decommissioned.

Our little Angeni has brought another vessel down safely.

At least, that is what I’d like to think.

Check out the link to see the authentic documentation from Nasa.


WE music video

Finally done up in proper video format I am pleased to announce it’s first run on YouTube.

I present to you ~ we..


Performed by Dale Swystun formerly of Onyx.

Lyrics by Orlanda Szabo

Produced by Johan and Jonas Johatanson

Artwork by Diane Johnston


  7 Post Meridiem XSS #1 ~  Anno Humanae Salutis
[Kindle Edition]

February 2837, Aalsa Meridon.

Every silent cry may turn to a beautiful song if someone listens, and answers in tones of hope,
but in the year of Man’s redemption, as the clock chimes seven,
a shrill voice answers the last hopeless cry of a civilization.


On February 23, 24 and 25, Anno Humanea Salutis will be free at the links below.



Istvan Szabo Ifj. ~ Author, Illustrator
Orlanda Szabo ~ Editor




LOGLINE: The pitfalls and pratfalls of a group of young blue jays on their honeymoon who are hard pressed to get back home
with their sanity and chicks intact.

SYNOPSIS: In late spring, a paired group of blue jays get hitched. With Fred and Mavis in the lead, they all excitedly take flight to migrate north. Their first evening is spent at an ice edged lake where one of the group skips over the water.
As he sinks, the wranglers fish him out of the lake while four moldy old crows hold up marks.

The first day at the bird house resort the restaurant is plagued by bungee jumping inchworms until a phalanx of tent caterpillars eat the place. Then the eggs hatch. The young jay couples are not prepared. Mishap after mishap leads to
a storm that blows two chicks into the horrifying Great Western Waste.
There they narrowly escape a snowy owl on a munchies run.

Over a late afternoon autumn tinged city the flight breaks up. Relieved, Mavis walks into her tree hollow home, serene until the chicks zip in yelling and chasing each other. Fred comes in last and lovingly puts a wing around Mavis.

Orlanda Szabo
(204) 482-8132





LOGLINE: Returning home thirty years after the disappearance of her kid sister,
Tannis faces her worst nightmare when her sister’s spirit makes herself heard.

Of two sisters in a small town, being older by one year, Tannis takes the mom role to heart and takes her work at the post office very seriously. When she comes in to clean, light-hearted Dawn refuses to let Tannis kill her good mood. Tannis shoos out the Sheriff and storeowner who always hang around near closing. She does the paperwork and tidies behind the wicket while the postmaster possessively watches Dawn sweep and wash the floor.

Dawn goes to the store while Tannis goes home and makes supper. When Dawn doesn’t come home and her linebacker boyfriend Keith comes to pick her up, they go to the bar to report Dawn missing to the Sheriff. The postmaster throws blame on Tannis. The Sheriff sends her home to wait for Dawn. Come autumn with Dawn still missing, heartbroken,
Tannis packs up and leaves town.

Returning after thirty years, Tannis hires two teens, Keith’s able-bodied son Alan and Merry’s mouse-like son, Bail to help her convert the old post office into a café/gift shop. When a weird pinkish stain runs up the post office wall into the upstairs bedroom, Keith shores up the foundation without noticing the crack.

Things start moving from where Tannis put them. A dream of violence and blood wakes her in tears, the blood in her dream fades with the sunlight. A massive shift cracks the wall from the bedroom to the basement. Tannis, Alan and Bail freak. Keith investigates a bit of bone and cloth sticking out of the wider crack in the basement. As Tannis touches the cloth, the crack bursts open throwing Dawn’s remains on top of her.
Tannis and Keith know who did it as Dawn is finally laid to rest.

Orlanda Szabo
(204) 482-8132


All Book Links in one Place

All of the links for Crystal Shade: Angeni (blue book) can now be found in one handy place.

The Official Crystal Shade website.


~ ALSO ~

Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 2 (yellow book) release date: 07-07-12.
Official homepage; www.crystalshadeangeni.com
Volume 1; www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00660MU8I


7 Post Meridiem #2 and 7 Post Meridiem XSS coming soon. Get the first volumes here;
Pale Moonlight (7 Post Meridiem #1) – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006GAE4B4


Crystal Shade’s Angeni has been entered into two, currently top-secret programs that will launch soon. If she is accepted into the second one, just as she has been already accepted into the first one, it will be big. Really really big. 🙂

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