What a thrill!

What action!

After 8 long years of preparation, the Mars rover has landed! But it’s not alone.

Most of you know of Crystal Shade: Angeni, the epic fantasy book Istvan Szabo and I co-wrote. Well our guardian angel’s name, Angeni has landed on Mars with the Rover.

Her previous experience has been in travelling with the last two space shuttles to the space station before the shuttles were decommissioned.

Our little Angeni has brought another vessel down safely.

At least, that is what I’d like to think.

Check out the link to see the authentic documentation from Nasa.


Tumbling Books Crystal Shade Review

Thank you, David and Tumbling Books for your honest approach and review that takes us beyond the very short YA segment
into the real story of an adult kickass quardian angel.

For the full review check out…


  7 Post Meridiem XSS #1 ~  Anno Humanae Salutis
[Kindle Edition]

February 2837, Aalsa Meridon.

Every silent cry may turn to a beautiful song if someone listens, and answers in tones of hope,
but in the year of Man’s redemption, as the clock chimes seven,
a shrill voice answers the last hopeless cry of a civilization.


On February 23, 24 and 25, Anno Humanea Salutis will be free at the links below.

Istvan Szabo Ifj. ~ Author, Illustrator
Orlanda Szabo ~ Editor

All Book Links in one Place

All of the links for Crystal Shade: Angeni (blue book) can now be found in one handy place.

The Official Crystal Shade website.

~ ALSO ~

Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 2 (yellow book) release date: 07-07-12.
Official homepage;
Volume 1;


7 Post Meridiem #2 and 7 Post Meridiem XSS coming soon. Get the first volumes here;
Pale Moonlight (7 Post Meridiem #1) –


Crystal Shade’s Angeni has been entered into two, currently top-secret programs that will launch soon. If she is accepted into the second one, just as she has been already accepted into the first one, it will be big. Really really big. 🙂

Good reading

Crystal Shade: Angeni Blog review

Rebecca McKinnon from “tHe crooKed WorD” blog has kindly done a review for us. Thank you, Rebecca for your honest impressions of Crystal Shade: Angeni.

You can find the review at:

Be sure to check out earlier reviews to the right of the screen under Crystal Shade: Angeni.

😉 It takes a million steps before a book becomes an overnight success

Crystal Shade in Paperback!

Sorry about the repost, the first set of links are dead. 🙂 These new ones are just a hoppin’

Hi guys.

Wow! First post of 2012. I am so thrilled!

A lot of you had asked for paperback copies when Crystal Shade: Angeni was launched in November. Thank you so much for waiting patiently.

Crystal Shade: Angeni is now out in paperback and available at both createspace and amazon.

Comments, likes and/or reviews here or at the two sites below would be great.

Crystal Shade on Amazon

For our kindle lovers we have a treat this Friday only
November 25
You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget there is still one more day of the Great Crystal Shade giveaway between Nov 15 – 17.

Coupon code: RB53X.

Reviews would be awesome. Enjoy the read!

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