LOGLINE: The pitfalls and pratfalls of a group of young blue jays on their honeymoon who are hard pressed to get back home
with their sanity and chicks intact.

SYNOPSIS: In late spring, a paired group of blue jays get hitched. With Fred and Mavis in the lead, they all excitedly take flight to migrate north. Their first evening is spent at an ice edged lake where one of the group skips over the water.
As he sinks, the wranglers fish him out of the lake while four moldy old crows hold up marks.

The first day at the bird house resort the restaurant is plagued by bungee jumping inchworms until a phalanx of tent caterpillars eat the place. Then the eggs hatch. The young jay couples are not prepared. Mishap after mishap leads to
a storm that blows two chicks into the horrifying Great Western Waste.
There they narrowly escape a snowy owl on a munchies run.

Over a late afternoon autumn tinged city the flight breaks up. Relieved, Mavis walks into her tree hollow home, serene until the chicks zip in yelling and chasing each other. Fred comes in last and lovingly puts a wing around Mavis.

Orlanda Szabo
(204) 482-8132!/OrlandaSzabo




LOGLINE: Returning home thirty years after the disappearance of her kid sister,
Tannis faces her worst nightmare when her sister’s spirit makes herself heard.

Of two sisters in a small town, being older by one year, Tannis takes the mom role to heart and takes her work at the post office very seriously. When she comes in to clean, light-hearted Dawn refuses to let Tannis kill her good mood. Tannis shoos out the Sheriff and storeowner who always hang around near closing. She does the paperwork and tidies behind the wicket while the postmaster possessively watches Dawn sweep and wash the floor.

Dawn goes to the store while Tannis goes home and makes supper. When Dawn doesn’t come home and her linebacker boyfriend Keith comes to pick her up, they go to the bar to report Dawn missing to the Sheriff. The postmaster throws blame on Tannis. The Sheriff sends her home to wait for Dawn. Come autumn with Dawn still missing, heartbroken,
Tannis packs up and leaves town.

Returning after thirty years, Tannis hires two teens, Keith’s able-bodied son Alan and Merry’s mouse-like son, Bail to help her convert the old post office into a café/gift shop. When a weird pinkish stain runs up the post office wall into the upstairs bedroom, Keith shores up the foundation without noticing the crack.

Things start moving from where Tannis put them. A dream of violence and blood wakes her in tears, the blood in her dream fades with the sunlight. A massive shift cracks the wall from the bedroom to the basement. Tannis, Alan and Bail freak. Keith investigates a bit of bone and cloth sticking out of the wider crack in the basement. As Tannis touches the cloth, the crack bursts open throwing Dawn’s remains on top of her.
Tannis and Keith know who did it as Dawn is finally laid to rest.

Orlanda Szabo
(204) 482-8132!/OrlandaSzabo

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