What a thrill!

What action!

After 8 long years of preparation, the Mars rover has landed! But it’s not alone.

Most of you know of Crystal Shade: Angeni, the epic fantasy book Istvan Szabo and I co-wrote. Well our guardian angel’s name, Angeni has landed on Mars with the Rover.

Her previous experience has been in travelling with the last two space shuttles to the space station before the shuttles were decommissioned.

Our little Angeni has brought another vessel down safely.

At least, that is what I’d like to think.

Check out the link to see the authentic documentation from Nasa.

Nov 15 – 17 GIVEAWAY

As my partner’s giveaway of Crystal Shade: Angeni yesterday to only IWU members was a success, he is expanding it for two days, to everyone.

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Great Crystal Shade giveaway between Nov 15 – 17. Coupon code: RB53X.

We would love to hear your reviews.

Crystal Shade Readers Speak 3

From Tales of the Harbingers comes the next Crystal Shade: Angeni review by Will Foley. Thank you kindly for your encouraging review, Will. We have endeavoured to make Crystal Shade a story to intrigue the minds of many.

October 11, 2011}   Sneak Peek: Crystal Shade: Angeni by Istvan Szabo, Ifj. and Orlanda Szabo (Volume 1)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crystal Shade: Angeni

Sorry for missing Friday. I did so for two reasons: a) I had a midterm exam that day and b) I was hard at work revamping my review of a good friend and critique partner’s novel, Crystal Shade: Angeni. While I’m not the best at writing reviews, I’m flattered that he asked for my opinion and I’ll do my best not to let him down.
* * *
If there’s one thing that shines brighter than all the rest in CSA, it’s the imagery. It’s very wordy as a whole, but for every one time that works against it, there are many where it works in its favor. The world is vast and varied, and its people are myriad. Where some novels simply give a general sense of the surroundings, CSA paints a picture as detailed as a photograph, giving the world a sense of depth not often seen.
The world of Eecrys Aredia is a perfect utopia filled with a masterful sense of mysticism, where everyone is at peace and perfectly happy. Tales of an old forgotten war are widely thought of as myth, for the idea of imperfection and strife is alien there. The young heroine, Grace, has never known anguish or fear. But it soon becomes clear that nothing is clear, and that everything Grace knew was false is soon to become reality—for under the Crystal Shade, nothing and no one is what they seem.
* * *
I hope that was up to snuff. Anyway, there you go, folks: Crystal Shade: Angeni, an epic fantasy novel by István Szabó, Ifj., and co-written by Orlanda Szabo. The first volume of three will be available on November 11th, 2011 (a month from today) via Smashwords, Amazon Kindle and other electronic platforms. Volumes Two and Three are planned to be released in 2012.
In the meantime, you can follow Crystal Shade at:


Orlanda Szabo


The final run up to the 11-11-11 elaunch of the first book in the Crystal Shade trilogy has happily begun. Every Wednesday I will be adding a post to get more in depth into the Crystal Shade world and characters.

I invite everyone to have a pre-launch sneak peek at the
universe of Crystal Shade.
As well as the extraordinary artwork of Crystal Shade’s
creator, Istvan Szabo, Ifj.

~A thousand stars could tell a thousand stories~

When seven-year-old Grace is reborn as an adult angel, she learns that a prophesied cataclysm known as the Crystal Shade will soon be upon the world. It is discovered that Angeni is special. She is told that her destiny is to champion the peaceful Aserian against the demon hordes. With all hope resting upon her untested wings, Angeni, struggles to understand the web being weaved around both angel and demon. If her suspicions are correct, a hidden power is working to pit angel and demon against each other and themselves. An entity waiting to destroy the survivors
and take the universe for itself.  

Created by Istvan Szabo, Ifj
Co-written by Istvan Szabo, Ifj & Orlanda Szabo
Edited by Orlanda Szabo

Comments and suggestions are always welcome from our fans, those who are soon to be and all those curious souls who see life just a little different from most.

E launch: November 11, 2011

More information

Orlanda Szabo

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