… Forever destined to protect her world of Eecrys Aredia from the
prophesied Crystal Shade…

“Very few have laid eyes on an Eecrys Suria. If they ever saw it at all,” her mother encouraged her. “Maybe the crystal blades are just a tale, a legend of the Aserians.”

 A special breed of warrior and a rebel, Angeni denies Aserian belief and tradition to find the truth… 

…the truth she wished she’d never found 

Surrounded by doubt from all sides save the one who should be
her mortal enemy. 

The things she was never taught were the deadliest of them all.
To her enemy’s soul and her own. 

The first volume of Crystal Shade: Angeni will be available on November 11, 2011 via smashwords, Amazon Kindle and other electronic platforms.
Volume 2 and 3 will be available in 2012.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome from our fans,
those who are soon to be and all those curious souls
who see life just a little different from most.

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Created by Istvan Szabo, Ifj
Co-written by Istvan Szabo, Ifj & Orlanda Szabo
Edited by Orlanda Szabo

Crystal Shade: Angeni ©2009-11 All Rights Reserved


Orlanda Szabo

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