Documentary and supernatural combines

Orlanda Szabo has been hired by producer Rob Velez to write a documentary titled CHIMBRE. Velez has already secured distribution and has Joe Rogan set to shoot the doc.

Orlanda will receive credit as the writer and is in talks to write a second doc. for Velez.

How it came about. First off the documentary will be called CHIMBRE. When Rob Velez had just returned from a trip to Peru he knew he had to spread the word. He went online to find a ghost writer. When he saw the kind of scripts I like to write; supernatural, metaphysical, sci fi he said he knew I was the right writer for him. That I wouldn’t scoff at what was so important in his life changing situation. 

The contract is simple, a 3 step pay structure. As well, Rob insisted I get screenplay credit even though he was initially looking for a ghost writer. Also in the contract is first choice to write the doc series to follow the 2 hour doc. We have also agreed to set up at a later date a 2nd documentary on his life, which would make Shakespeare writhe because he hadn’t written this tragedy.

Since we started, Rob has hooked up and is now co-producing on Mitch Shutz’s “The Spirit Molecule”. Google it! Mitch works for Fear Factor, and the combination of these two docs having to do with the same plant medicine has ended with Rob having co-joined distribution with Mitch’s documentary, which is already set. That amazed me. Distribution is usually the hardest thing to come by. Joe Rogan is narrating Mitch’s doc and will be shooting the Chimbre pilot when it goes into series production in February of 2010.

I learn more every day. Keep learning, experimenting and writing.


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