…a child reborn as an Aserian Guardian Angel warrior.

Haunted and shepherded by cryptic dreams, preparing to serve as guide and protector on her world of Eecrys Aredia.

In the era of the Crystal Shade, the only hope for all creation is
the soul who always dared to dream.

But the fairy tale that Grace dreamt of living is Angeni’s nightmare
from which she cannot awake…

…and she doesn’t want to dream anymore.

Unlike the other Aserian warriors, Angeni seeks to understand what she has become. She must find the true meaning of the Crystal Shade
to devise a way to stop it. 

Even if her purpose is to guard her world and people, she wrestles with the truth she finds. Her self-doubt builds in her search to discover what
her role to her Aserian race truly is. 

In the era of Crystal Shade, the only hope for all creation…

…is the soul who dared to dream.

The first volume of Crystal Shade, Angeni will be available on November 11, 2011 via Smashwords, Amazon Kindle and other electronic platforms.

Volume 2 and 3 will be available in 2012.


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Created by Istvan Szabo, Ifj
Co-written by Istvan Szabo, Ifj. & Orlanda Szabo
Edited by Orlanda Szabo

Orlanda Szabo

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