SELO wins 1st place!

Selo wins First Place in Dan Poynter’s 2012 Global Ebook Award for youth literature.

This is one of the books I have proudly adapted to screenplay. A Quicksilver vs Karate Kid coming of age.
~ Orlanda Szabo, Screenwriter ~

Thanks, Orlanda, for your input and encouragement. Let’s see that screenplay go places.
~ Doug Setter ~



By Doug Setter ~ 2nd Wind Body Science

Paperback, 195 Pages

Les Kingsley is sixteen, skinny and scared. He spends his days dodging bullies at school, work and home. When he befriends a hospital patient, he is guided into new found strength, confidence wealth that he never knew before. But his mentor is wanted on both sides of the law. Soon, Les has to make hard choices about right, wrong and loyalty.
~ Doug Setter, Author ~

“Brings back what it was like growing up and dealing with bullies in the 70’s. Great story. I look forward to the sequel.”
William Bell, Ex Vice Squad, Winnipeg PD ~

Doug was born with a club foot and hobbled around until corrective shoes fixed the condition.  He had pneumonia three times before the age of six and spent most of adolesence underweight.  Raised by a single mother in Surrey, B.C., Doug took his share of bullying throughout his teenage years.  Through study and training, he was able to increase his body weight from 120 to 150 pounds, become a military paratrooper, run full marathons and compete in kick-boxing.  At 39 he went to the University of Manitoba to earn his Bachelor of Foods and Nutrition.  At age 40, he won a welter weight title belt in kick-boxing. Doug is the author of Stomach Flattening, Reduce Your Alcohol Craving and One Less Victim.  Selo is his first work of fiction.

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Crystal Shade Readers Speak 2

My first reader, Kathryn Dahlstrom, the author of Children of Angels, which is soon to be published, has written a wonderful review on the first 70 pages of Crystal Shade: Angeni.

Here is her review in its entirety.

Book Review: Crystal Shade: Angeni

 Crystal Shade: Angeni, by author and co-author Istvan Szabo lfj and Orlanda Szabo, is a highly imaginative and ambitious first volume of a science fiction/fantasy epic. I found the language beautiful and the descriptions evocative. It’s rife with the imagery and symbolism that fans of this genre love.At the novel’s beginning we meet Grace, a precocious and daydreaming 7-year-old who longs to be a Guardian Spirit for her planet’s people. Yet even as she dreams of having angel’s wings, she fears them. She’s haunted by strange dreams that warn her of a pending darkness–a cold evil. She foresees the death of her beloved family and the end of her own life. And why should a little girl see such visions? Unless she’s more than a little girl….Szabo and Szabo do an excellent job of creating a life that Grace loves, only to make its loss all the more poignant. Her human life has to end in order for her new life as the angel Angeni to begin. She must help her people overcome the devouring darkness that threatens her world and her own soul.

Crystal Shade: Angeni is a powerful and ethereal work and a masterful beginning of a great series.

Kathryn Dahlstrom, author, screenwriter and now producer, is the author of soon to be released, Children of Angels. Please visit Kathryn’s blog at:


Orlanda Szabo

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