WE music video

Finally done up in proper video format I am pleased to announce it’s first run on YouTube.

I present to you ~ we..


Performed by Dale Swystun formerly of Onyx.

Lyrics by Orlanda Szabo

Produced by Johan and Jonas Johatanson

Artwork by Diane Johnston


What’s new? My new website!

Below was my old website, you might remember it. Sadly, it is long gone.

If you haven’t seen the new website already, please feel free to come in and have a nice wander and take a peek at what flows from a screenwriter’s mind.


Introductory Page to my new Website

Please check out my new website if you haven’t already.

And how about my new music, created by Dale Swystun,with some lyrics I wrote a few years back! Media Player is on my Contact/Links page!

Hope you will all blog in.


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